Unparalleled international classification of activities

Kompass is the author of an international classification of activities that is by far the most extensive on the market. This founder’s tool (the original version was created in 1947) systematically classifies companies in the 66 countries of the Kompass network according to the products and services they furnish.

Its 58,000 entries constitute a unique directory that is constantly being updated, translated into 26 languages, offering very large development perspectives.

In early 2014, Kompass International started using a new version of its business classifications called “WF13.” It is totally revamped and now uses classifications in activities that have appeared very recently on the market.

It offers a new hierarchic structure based on the latest trends in the various business sectors of the world economy. WF13 offers classification into more than 55,000 products and services, structured in 3014 branches, 67 sectors and 15 families.

  • 15 Families
    Divided into ...

  • 67 Sectors
    Subdivided into ...

  • 3014 Branches
    Organized in ...

  • 55 450
    Products & services