Working at Kompass


A variety of digital-centric professions

Digital technologies and marketing are the main drivers of our core business. In support of our clients’ local and/or international development, we offer a variety of career paths specializing in the following sectors:

  • IT, marketing and data;
  • International development;
  • Commercial development;
  • Support functions: finance, corporate services, legal and HR.

We are committed to decompartmentalizing our employees’ skill sets and to promoting team spirit. Duties are not fixed, here at Kompass: we leave our staff the room and the possibility to freely express their ideas. Just like the digital world that is our focus, we are looking for team members who:

  • Are innovative and creative and who will imagine and develop optimal solutions to meet our clients’ goals;
  • Enjoy working as part of a team, sharing cross-functional projects with people of diverse backgrounds and sensibilities;
  • Are comfortable with the Agile method that forms the backbone to most of our projects.


Main positions at Kompass

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