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At Kompass, our resources are wholly dedicated to our clients around the world, thanks to our 7 subsidiaries and 65 partners operating in 72 countries. For nearly 70 years, we have been proud to support and foster the development of a large number of companies, ranging from SMEs to key accounts, all over the world.

Expanding your ideas within an international and innovating company


Our business model, centred around digital solutions, puts a collaborative dimension to work for our clients and their businesses. Joining the Kompass team means integrating a variety of related projects in Agile mode. All of our staff members share a common goal: that of actively contributing to our clients’ growth.


Learning and the optimization of our solutions are ongoing processes for us. Thanks to this openness, which is deeply rooted in our corporate culture, Kompass has successfully positioned itself as a major player in the digital economy. It is by learning from each of our employees, teams, clients and partners that we are able to grow and improve, guaranteeing our clients a portfolio of services that are at the cutting edge of innovation.


Kompass also holds the unique position of a hybrid company. With all the qualities of a start-up – managerial flexibility in a dynamic, friendly environment – combined with the power of a major international company with a strong reputation, Kompass is a pivotal actor in the industry.

It is crucial for us that our employees should be able to grow and blossom. As a result, we are mindful of the need to maintain a balance between personal and work life, a commitment that has been expressed by the signature of company agreements, in particular. Bringing new talent into our teams means placing our trust in them and believing in their potential. A decision to join Kompass is a decision to think outside the box, to express and share your ideas, to work in project mode with an emphasis on efficiency over clock-watching, and to flourish in a friendly, human work environment.


Equality in the workplace is much more than a duty; it is one of the main principles underlying our hiring practices, as certified by the label of “equal opportunity employer”. When recruiting new personnel, the first and foremost quality that we look for in our candidates is their ability to fulfil the duties of the position.

Here at Kompass, we view our responsiveness, our open-mindedness and our commitment to optimizing our methods and expertise as some of our key strengths.

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