The team


Kompass it's them.

The men and women making up the Kompass International team are its success machine. They come from various horizons with various experiences and careers, but their skills are highly complementary and they always show strong solidarity. Deeply committed to their company, its values and objectives, they all have one priority: satisfying the needs of Kompass International’s clients.

Alain Suarez (Data Product Owner)Aurora Castela (Production Manager)Carolina Clark (Marketing Manager)Christel Recollecte (Customer relation manager)Christian Baur (Data manager)Emmanuel Facovi (International director)Florence Lapouille (Classification manager)Gilles Tyssier (Global Data Director)Jeffry Knauss (Business development manager)Laura Cabidoche (International Business Development manager)Louis Stas de richelle (Financial manager)Martina Morks (CFO / HR manager)Nathalie Saumoneau (Direct Marketing Manager)Patrick Moulas (Network Partner Support Manager & Deputy Data Director)Raymond Rakotonirina (France Database Manager)Sabine Simms (Marketing & communication manager)Sonia Kisbee (Senior Support Analyst)Tomás Núñez Sancho (Finance, HHRR & Legal Manager)Tony Cheeseman (Managing Director)Tracey Owen (Content manager)




Board of Directors

Patrick Coupier  | Chief Executive Officier
Vincent Fahmy  | Administrator
Franck Ullmann  | Administrator


Patrick Coupier  | Chief Executive Officier
Missing reference
Didier Musielak  | Finance Director