A worldwide presence



Kompass is a worldwide database present on five continents in 66 countries.

It offers international data coverage unique in the world. Its “Glocal” (Global + Local) organisation of more than 500 people working for Kompass worldwide means it offers close proximity to its clients and users, with homogeneous data regardless of the country of the company consulted.

The data is translated into 26 languages, updated locally, and accessible for each country in the network on a dedicated site. Kompass International is the operator of the Kompass trade name in France, is present in six European countries and the USA through its subsidiaries, and operates in 58 other countries via partnerships with local companies using the Kompass licence.


International editorial
Emmanuel Facovi
International director

Kompass’ ambition from the outset has been to federate national leaders of corporate data throughout the world in an international network. Today, with an offer available in 26 languages and 66 countries, our mission is to let our more than 10.000 clients conquer new markets on all continents using unique, high-performance tools.

We are convinced that in today’s global digital economy, a company’s success more than ever depends on its capacities to innovate and penetrate new markets. Internationalisation and innovation have always been the core of Kompass’ success. Our objective is to offer a global presence and outlets on all continents to companies whatever their size.